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  • 01.

    Specialized Technical Equipment

    We provide consultancy services in the area of optimization of reservoir performance and flow simulation with the latest technology in this field to exploration and production within oil and gas industry

  • 02.

    Gas compressors

    Specialize in the design, manufacture and commissioning of large and medium sized, custom built/bespoke gas compressor, booster and blower packages for worldwide use in the oil and gas, Power Generation, land fill, Water, Renewable and Petrochemical.

  • 03.


    The THIONOL was discovered by a group of scientists in Moscow state university, it’s a catalyst used for dry sweetening of crude oil and gas condensate, oil products and waste water. The THIONOL technology can be used to remove the H2S, light Mercaptans and also the heavy Mercaptans from the crude oil and gas condensate.

  • 04.


    System Integrator and Solution Provider, is engineering aiming development and execution of instrumentation, automation and information related industrial projects serving oil and gas, petrochemical, process, manufacturing, water, sewage and utilities industries. Moreover, supplies and procure electrical, instrumentation, control, mechanical, piping and some process related equipment..

  • 05.


    We provide oil facilities construction (Process Units and storage tanks such as EPF, FPF and CPF), Wellhead Tie-in including gathering systems, pipe line, Power Plant Construction.