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KHK-Provision is a local owned company, established in 2011 by Mr. Kanady Amin, registered and classified as first graded company in KRG-Iraq.

We are proud that our staff is equipped with international experience to be able to achieve all targets, missions and to find the technical solutions for a successful operation to our clients.

In addition, to fulfill the growing demands of Kurdistan and Iraq market, we find it is necessary to bring a specialist international companies to our market and taking advantages from there experience to terminate an exceptive project with the region, KHK is proudly signed JV agreements with international companies worldwide to secure the immediate and complete solution in place.


KHK Provision

With our highly qualified and experienced staff, KHK-Provision covers a wide range of operations in different fields, especially in oil and gas activities, heavy industry, construction in general and engineering

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    To apply industry &
     best practice to business, to create value for our people, shareholders and community, promote sustainable and economical development, its develop world class industry professional.

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    To be best of the best.

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    Accidents free environment, health and safety, integrity, loyalty, multi culture learning, excellence, experience and growth.

Board of Director

We do trust that the success achieved by our clients with our assistant will contribute to the continuation of building our reputation and be best of the best.

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